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      ABS, PIA, PE and other raw material suppliers selection announcement

      ABS, PIA, PE and other raw material suppliers selection announcement

      release time:2017-06-22source:admin


      Sichuan Yibin Plass Packaging Materials Co., Ltd. in 2017 to purchase raw materials for the country to openly select suppliers, welcome manufacturers or agents that meet the qualifications and meet the quality requirements to apply for participation.

      Selection of materials: ABS, PIA, PE, PC, PP, EPS, POE, PS, AS, K resin, PETG, etc.

          Second, the purpose of selection: select the units that meet the requirements to participate in the bidding.

      Third, qualification requirements:

      1. A legally registered independent legal person has the corresponding credit certification qualification;

      2. Have relevant operational qualification certificate, stable product quality, good financial status, good corporate and social reputation;

      3. In the three years prior to participating in this procurement activity, there were no major violations of laws and regulations and bad behavior records in the business activities;

      4. Have stable cargo resources, or have experience in production, operation and sales in the same industry;

      5, with a sound technical after-sales service.

      6. The qualification documents that the bidder should submit

      A letter of introduction or a power of attorney for the selection of the candidate for this selection; a valid identity document.

      A copy of the valid business license (with a fresh stamp) or a scanned copy.

      Production and operation;

      Ownership nature;

      A quality analysis report issued by the manufacturer or inspection department;

      The information that the bidder thinks should be explained.

      Other business materials that the bidder believes need to be provided.

      7. Quality, acceptance and transportation of goods

      Inspection standards and test methods;

      Control methods for various indicators;

      Transportation plan

      4. Selection method: Our company will review the qualification materials provided by the registration unit and evaluate it according to the new supplier development process. If the applicant and the materials provided meet the requirements, they will enter the qualified supplier database and participate in the bidding of the corresponding materials.

      5. This selection does not accept the registration of the consortium and accepts the registration by mail.

      6. This announcement was published on the designated media Sichuan Construction Network.


      7. Registration time and place

      Registration time: June 22, 2017 to December 31, 2017, every day from 8:30 to 12:00 am, from 13:30 to 17:30 pm (Beijing time, except holidays).

      Time and place for Q&A: If necessary, the candidate will be notified separately.

      Registration Location: Sichuan Yibin Plass Packaging Materials Co., Ltd.

      Contact: Xiong Yaling 0831-3566935

                 Chen Guibing 0831-3567546

      Address: No. 150, Xijiang West Road, Yibin City, Sichuan Province

      Zip code: 644007 Fax: 0831-3512089


      Sichuan Yibin Plass Packaging Materials Co., Ltd.

        June 22, 2017

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