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      Party branch of the company management line held a party member meeting

      Party branch of the company management line held a party member meeting

      release time:2018-08-27source:admin


      In order to conscientiously implement the "three sessions and one lesson" system, the party branch of the company management line organized a party member meeting in the branch position. 58 formal party members and two probationary party members attended the meeting. The meeting was chaired by the branch secretary Zou Li. All party members held separate discussions on the status quo, problems and causes of the party building work of the branch, and suggestions on how to comprehensively strengthen the party building, and put forward more than 10 articles on party member supervision, new party members development, ideology, and business skills. Comments and suggestions on training and other aspects.


      Yang Qi, secretary of the company's party committee and president, participated in the discussion as an ordinary party member, and pointed out that the party members and comrades in the branch should fully realize the significance of carrying out the activities of "big learning, big discussion, and big research", taking the "three major" activities as an opportunity. To effectively strengthen the management of party members' ideology, we must grasp the correct political direction, value orientation, and public opinion orientation. The party branch of the management line should set a benchmark and be a model in the work of ideology, and earnestly strengthen the work of building grassroots party organizations.


      The meeting also reported on the recent work of the management party branch and the next work arrangement, party collection and pre-payment, and the election of two branch committee members, conveying the company's "on the study, big discussion, big Investigating the spirit of the "Notice of Activities" and learning "Song of Li Wuguang, Chairman of Wuliangye Group, at the opening ceremony of the "Great Learning, Big Discussion, and Big Research" activities of Wuliangye Group and the opening ceremony of the special study class" and Wei Hongying, secretary of the Disciplinary Committee The study report on "Strengthening the Party's Work Style and Building a Clean Government, and Building a Clean and Honest Enterprise Development Environment" at the "Three" Activity Special Classes.

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