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      The 20th "Push Cup" Youth Basketball Game ended successfully

      The 20th "Push Cup" Youth Basketball Game ended successfully

      release time:2018-08-27source:admin


      On the afternoon of May 22nd, the "20 Push "Push Cup" Youth Basketball Game" hosted by the company's Youth League Committee ended successfully. Zhang Shitao, member of the Party Committee of the Push Group, financial director, Zhang Litao, director of the Party Group Work Department of the Push Group, vice chairman of the labor union, director of the board of supervisors, Li Li, director of the Department of Discipline Inspection and Supervision of the Push Group, Zou Li, director of the Board of Directors of the Push Group, Yang Juan He attended the closing ceremony and presented trophies to award-winning individuals and groups.


      Since the start of the competition in May, there have been 29 fierce competitions for 20 days, attracting more than 150 employees from 15 teams of the company's grassroots group (general) branch. In the game, the players on the field went all out for the honor, and they fought hard and played a wonderful game. The cheerleading team cheered for the players and cheered, and set off a scene of passion.

      "A hammer goes down, the golden flower splashes." After the game, the "golden egg, win basketball" activity was also held. 15 live audiences were surprised and won their own little luck.

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