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      Push Group held the fifth party committee center (expansion) study meeting in 2018

      Push Group held the fifth party committee center (expansion) study meeting in 2018

      release time:2018-07-31source:admin


      On June 27th, on the eve of the 97th anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China, members of the Central Committee of the Pash Group Party Committee, the main functional departments of the functional management departments and subsidiaries, the chairman of the labor union, the secretary of the Communist Youth League, and the party workers totaled more than 100 people. In the newly upgraded Pash Group Party Building Base, the fifth party committee center group (expansion) study meeting was held in 2018. The study will revisit the party’s oath, review the party’s history, strengthen political positions, concentrate on development, and accelerate the “healthy Push” plan. Wu Qiye Group Party Committee member, deputy general manager, Pash Group Party Secretary and President Yang Qi attended the meeting and delivered a speech.



      At the study meeting, Yang Qi took the lead in “Building the first city of Chinese liquor with high-quality development. Wuliangye Group Company deeply conveyed the spirit of studying Peng Qinghua to investigate the spirit of important instructions”. He said that all party members and comrades must not forget their initial intentions, keep their mission in mind, study and implement the spirit of the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, and the Secretary of the Provincial Party Committee Peng Qinghua to investigate and study the spirit of the speech, and combine Wuliangye Group's "advanced benchmarking and secondary entrepreneurship" to further deepen We will carry out the "three major activities" in a solid and fruitful manner.


      Yang Qi emphasized that the Push Group should unswervingly take Xi Jinping's new era of socialism with Chinese characteristics as the guide, and take the new development concept and high-quality development requirements as the guide to actively promote the implementation of the "three major activities." It is necessary to carry out "big learning" in various forms, improve theoretical cultivation, and improve professional quality; carry out "big discussions" in a targeted manner, brainstorm and discover deep-seated problems, and come up with pragmatic measures and suggestions; "Great research", adhere to the problem-oriented, goal-oriented, focus on analyzing and solving the outstanding problems and contradictions of the current innovation and development and production, ensuring the full and complete completion of the 2018 annual production and production tasks, and the successful implementation of the "Healthy Push" plan in 2020. Lay a more solid foundation.


      Yang Qi demanded that all grassroots party (general) branches should make full use of the upgraded party building base and party branch positions, actively organize party members, management cadres and employees to carry out preaching and learning, further strengthen party spirit education, and effectively enhance "political awareness and overall situation." Consciousness, core consciousness, and aligning consciousness; we must conscientiously compare the new requirements and new standards put forward by General Secretary Xi Jinping on party building work, innovate the ideas of party building, strengthen team building, and strive to push the party building and party style and clean government construction to a new level.

      The Pash Group's party building base completed its first comprehensive upgrade in June 2018. The new party's 19th National Congress and General Secretary Xi Jinping came to Sichuan to inspect the important instructions. General Secretary Xi Jinping at the Second Plenary Session of the 19th Central Commission for Discipline Inspection The important speech of Yan Zhidang and the speech of the provincial party committee secretary Peng Qinghua at the provincial and municipal leading cadres reading class, Wuliangye Group and Push Group carried out the "big learning, big discussion, big research" activities and other main contents.




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