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      New polymer materials

      The Pudong Group's polymer new material industry is one of the key development industries of the Push Group. The business carriers are subsidiaries (joint ventures) such as Plass, Pash Vinegar, and Push Building Materials. It integrates R&D, design, processing and manufacturing, and has a complete manufacturing and service system from polymer raw materials and deep-processed products to various packaging materials and building materials. It has independent application and research and development capabilities of full range of cellulose acetate products, and has the largest in the west. The PET plastic sheet production base is the first manufacturer of naked-eye stereoscopic display terminals that independently produces stereoscopic display grating materials. The cellulose acetate products, functional polyester chips, stereoscopic images and advertisements, grating smooth sheets and pipes, pipe fittings and other products provided by the industry have products and services all over the world. The products are of high quality, stable quality, complete categories and advanced technology. And with the R&D and customized production capacity to meet the various requirements of customers, it is rapidly developing into a leader in the production of the industry.