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      Pharmaceutical plastic packaging

      The carrier of pharmaceutical plastic packaging business is Chengdu Push Medical Plastics Co., Ltd. The products include medical equipment and medical packaging. Its medical device products mainly include vacuum blood collection tubes, two-piece syringes, blood collection needles, reaction tubes, reaction tube holders and other laboratory diagnostic consumables. Pharmaceutical packaging products cover polypropylene composite covers and interfaces for plastic infusion containers. Direct contact with pharmaceuticals and disposable products is a high-grade pharmaceutical packaging product. With first-class business equipment, sufficient production capacity and complete qualifications, it has advanced domestic pharmaceutical injection molding equipment and medical equipment, and has an annual production capacity of 100 million vacuum blood collection tubes, 10 million medical blood collection needles and laboratory diagnostic consumables in various categories. Obtained the medical device business license, production license and EU CE certificate, passed the quality system audit of Sichuan Food and Drug Administration, and the State Food and Drug Administration drug packaging material registration certificate.

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      • Chengdu Push Pharmaceutical Plastic Packaging Co., Ltd.
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