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      Anti-counterfeit plastic wine packaging

      The anti-counterfeit plastic wine packaging industry is one of the core advantageous industries that the Push Group has created. The business carrier is Plath, the main products include plastic anti-counterfeit caps, injection-molded transparent packaging boxes, 3D anti-counterfeit packaging boxes, etc. The product technology has reached the international advanced level, among which the deep cavity thin-walled injection-molded transparent packaging box is the first in China and the first one will be The application of 3D technology to wine packaging has led the development trend of liquor packaging. It can produce 2 billion plastic anti-counterfeit caps, 200,000 tons of 3D packaging materials and 1 billion 3D packaging boxes. With a wide variety of products and specifications, it has formed a series of serialization, standardization and modularization, which can flexibly meet the needs of different customers. Strong research and development strength, initially formed a one-stop research and development situation of production, learning and research, with the ability to provide design, research and development and manufacturing of wine packaging solutions. With a large-scale injection molding machine group in the western region, it has a strong production capacity and has developed into a leader in the production technology of the industry.