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      Food and beverage packaging

      The food and beverage packaging industry is one of the core advantageous industries that the Push Group has created. The business carriers are subsidiaries (joint ventures) such as Plass and Putian Times. Mature business technology, stable product quality, with many years of industrial production and operation and technology accumulation, products include anti-counterfeiting plastic bottle caps, PET deep cavity thin-walled injection molding transparent packaging box, 3D anti-counterfeiting packaging box, anti-counterfeiting logistics system integration, etc., widely used in milk Products, condiments, cold chain packaging, electronic packaging, health care, daily chemicals and other fields. With a complete industrial chain from polymer raw materials to finished products, the company has a wide range of products and specifications, and can flexibly meet the needs of different customers. It has the ability to provide one-stop, menu-style packaging products and services. It has a large-scale injection molding machine group in the western region and has a strong production capacity. Relying on its high quality product quality, excellent management system and excellent innovative R&D technology, it is rapidly becoming a leading company in the industry.