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      New energy vehicles and key components of automobiles

      The new energy automobile and automobile key parts industry is one of the core advantageous industries that the Push Group has created, and it is also the main development direction of the “big machinery” industry of the Push Group. After years of development, Chengdu Push Automould Co., Chongqing Baineng Push Co., Ltd., Nanjing Liuhe Pushi Co., Ltd. and other subsidiaries (joint ventures) have grown rapidly and have formed automobile molds, automobile brazing parts and other auto parts. Such as the core business of the mature automotive key parts industry chain, strong research and development strength, first-class hardware equipment, strong manufacturing capabilities, some of the product technology has reached domestic leading, international advanced level. On the basis of the mature automobile key component industry chain, Push Group actively explores the move to the whole vehicle industry and takes the new energy automobile industry as a breakthrough to drive the transformation of its automobile-related industries to high-quality development.