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      Car powertrain

      The automotive powertrain business is one of the core strengths of the Pusher Group's traditional machinery manufacturing business, which covers the manufacture of automotive engines and their components. Among them, the automobile engine business relies on Mianyang Xinhua Company, and the company's engine business is all concentrated in Hong Kong-listed subsidiary Xinsun Power. Xinchen Power is China's leading independent brand automobile engine manufacturer. It is the first automobile listed group in Sichuan Province. It has strong independent research and development capabilities. It has 4 series of 36 varieties including light gasoline engine, light diesel engine and small displacement engine. The displacement is 1.0-2.7L and the power is 38.5-120kW. The engine parts business covers the production of automobile crankshaft, cylinder head, cylinder block, automobile small micro-motor, automobile injection molded parts, etc. The technology is mature, the production capacity is sufficient, and the success is Brilliance. BMW, Zhengzhou Nissan, Dongfeng, Changfeng Cheetah, Dandong Huanghai and other car manufacturers supporting.