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      Precision casting and clean energy power unit

      The carrier of the precision casting and clean energy power unit of Push Group is the subsidiary (joint venture) company such as Push Link, Chongqing Push Company and Push Drive Company. The business integrates R&D, design, processing and manufacturing into one, with strong R&D capabilities and strong manufacturing capabilities. Some of the products are technically leading domestically. The precision casting business scale and production capacity ranks in the forefront of the southwest, with a complete industrial chain from casting blank production to subsequent precision processing. The clean energy power unit business takes the high-power gas engine/generator set as the core product, and the heavy oil (gas) power station engineering integration is the main business. The product performance is stable and the market acceptance is high. The hydraulic pump and hydraulic system business mainly produces high-performance medium and high pressure hydraulic pumps and hydraulic systems. It has developed more than 30 series of nearly 600 hydraulic components and has an annual production capacity of 100,000 hydraulic pumps.