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      CNC machine tools and precision manufacturing

      CNC machine tools and precision manufacturing business are one of the key industries for the high-starting and diversified development of the Push Group. After years of development, Pash Ningjiang Company, Push Mould Co., Ltd. and other subsidiaries (joint ventures) are renowned in the industry for their strong technical research and development capabilities and manufacturing capabilities. The product technology and quality level are leading domestically. Among them, the precision CNC machine tool business has more than 50 years of machine tool development history, with an annual production capacity of more than 1,000 medium and high-end precision CNC machine tools. The products are characterized by “precision, high efficiency, complete set and intelligent”, which are widely used in aviation. Aerospace, military, shipbuilding, automotive, mold and other mechanical processing industries; precision injection mold business with high-end precision injection mold research and development, design and manufacturing as the core, with the ability to provide customers with a full range of injection molding system solutions, products related to food and beverage, day Three major areas of packaging, medical equipment.