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      Youth Voice

      Maintain the advanced nature of party members and play an exemplary vanguard role

      Push Group, which is in sync with the world, has introduced world-class cutting-edge equipment and promotes and enhances its own management level from a global perspective. It has successively passed the Social Responsibility Certification, FDA Certification, and EU Certification of Coca-Cola suppliers to fully realize the resources and products. Standardization and scientific management. It has won many national and provincial “National Customer Satisfaction Enterprises” and “Shou contract and re-credit” enterprise titles, obtained more than 50 national, provincial and municipal scientific and technological progress awards, obtained more than 500 authorized patents, and obtained more than 100 authorized trademarks. Participated in and presided over the formulation of more than 20 industry standards, possessed a national-level technology center, a national-level laboratory, and two provincial-level technology centers, and developed a number of national key new products, with 103 national authorized trademarks, including There are 2 national well-known trademarks, 4 famous trademarks in Sichuan, and 8 famous brand products in Sichuan.