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      Decision of the Sichuan Provincial Committee of the Communist Party of China on Comprehensively Promoting High Quality Development

      Decision of the Sichuan Provincial Committee of the Communist Party of China on Comprehensively Promoting High Quality Development

      release time:2018-11-14 17: 15


      Adopted at the Third Plenary Session of the 11th Committee of the Communist Party of China, Sichuan Province, June 30, 2018

      In order to thoroughly study and implement Xi Jinping's new era of socialism with Chinese characteristics and General Secretary Xi Jinping's important guiding spirit for the Sichuan work series, and fully implement the Party Central Committee's decision to promote high-quality development decision-making, the Sichuan Provincial Committee of the Communist Party of China's eleventh plenary meeting conducted research and made Decide as follows.

      1. Grasp the overall requirements for high quality development in Sichuan.

      China's economy has shifted from a high-speed growth stage to a high-quality development stage. Sichuan's development has stood at a new starting point and is in a critical period of transformation, development, innovation and development. To promote the high-quality development of Sichuan, we must take the guidance of Xi Jinping's new era of socialism with Chinese characteristics as the guide, coordinate the overall layout of the "five in one", coordinate and promote the "four comprehensive" strategic layout, closely follow the major contradictions in society, and adhere to new developments. The concept is to lead, adhere to the general tone of steady progress, adhere to quality first, benefit priority, resolutely lay a good job in preventing and resolving major risks, precision poverty alleviation, pollution prevention and control, deepening supply-side structural reform, promoting quality change, efficiency change, The transformation of power, the construction of the industrial system of the real economy, scientific and technological innovation, modern finance, and the coordinated development of human resources, the construction of an effective economic system with a dynamic market mechanism, a dynamic micro-main body, and a macro-control system to accelerate the construction of a strong economic province.

      To promote the high-quality development of Sichuan, we must adhere to the problem-oriented. Efforts should be made to solve the problem of poor industrial system, to consolidate the real economy as the starting point to optimize the industrial structure, to change the industrial competitiveness is not strong, lack the status quo led by large enterprise groups, and to improve the overall level and level of the industry. Efforts will be made to solve the problem of inactive market mechanisms, deepen reforms in key areas and key links, remove barriers such as weak private economy, low competitiveness of state-owned enterprises, imperfect capital markets, and urgent improvement of the business environment, and fully stimulate market vitality and society. creativity. Efforts should be made to resolve the problem of insufficient coordination and development, and to coordinate the distribution of productivity such as transportation, industry, openness, ecology and public services with regional development layout, and to fill in shortcomings such as uneven regional development, large urban-rural gap, obvious industrial convergence, and insufficient interconnection. Promote common prosperity and development in all regions and synchronize a comprehensive well-off society. Efforts will be made to resolve the problem of lack of openness, promote the openness of inland and coastal areas along the river, and break the constraints of basin awareness, lack of open platforms, poor open channels, and low open economy, and build inland open economic highlands.

      To promote the high-quality development of Sichuan, we must fully implement the new development concept, implement the “one-size-fits-all” development strategy, and form a coordinated development pattern of “one-benefit, five-zone synergy” in the region, and form a “four-way expansion and global opening”. The comprehensive opening pattern has laid a solid foundation for a strong economy. At present and in the future, we will build a pioneering province of national innovation-driven development, promote the transformation of new and old kinetic energy, accelerate industrial transformation and upgrading, build a high-end breakthrough, and support the modern industry with outstanding advantages; gather efforts to promote urban and rural integration, with urban agglomeration as the main form Improve the system of large, medium and small cities and small towns, build urban carriers with complete functions and cluster development; gather and upgrade modern infrastructure systems with integrated transportation as the focus, build large channels, large hubs, large communications, and strengthen the gathering of people and logistics. , data flow, capital flow and other functions, build intelligent green, interconnected infrastructure support; gather to build beautiful Sichuan, build an ecological barrier in the upper reaches of the Yangtze River, build an ecological environment support for mountains and rivers, urban and rural areas; gather efforts to complete poverty-stricken tasks on schedule To improve security and improve the people's livelihood, enhance the people's sense of security, and build a public service support that maintains the bottom line and fairness.

      2. Support Chengdu to build a national central city that fully reflects the new development concept.

      Strengthen the integration of high-end resources in the first city, build a functional system of the national central city, strive for the regional regional major productivity distribution, and promote Chengdu's international competitiveness and regional driving power. We will build an important economic center in the country, support Chengdu to enhance its core competitiveness in manufacturing, and build a modern industrial system and industrial ecosystem with Chengdu as its center. We will build an important national science and technology center and accelerate the construction of major national science and technology infrastructure, national key laboratories and engineering research centers. The construction of the national western financial center will strengthen core functions such as credit market, capital market, wealth management, settlement services, venture capital financing, and new finance. We will build an important cultural and creative center in the country, build a modern cultural and creative industry system, and build a world famous cultural city. We will build an important foreign exchange center in the country and strive to settle more consular institutions, international organizations, and international competition meetings. To build an international integrated transportation and communications hub, with the focus on building Tianfu International Airport New City and Qingbaijiang Railway Hub Port, build a double corridor of “Aerial Silk Road” and “International Land and Sea Transport” to build a western international gateway hub city.

      High-standard planning and construction of Tianfu New District, highlighting the characteristics of park cities, strengthening the leading role of open-minded, innovative and empowering, intelligent manufacturing, green demonstration, and high-end services, creating the most dynamic emerging growth poles in the western region and becoming the province's promotion of high-quality development. The model. Construction of a cluster of headquarters, high-tech enterprise service areas and reform and innovation demonstration zones to enhance the functions of international channels, international trade and international exchanges. Accelerate the construction of Tianfu Center, Western Expo City, Chengdu Science City, and Tianfu Wenchuang City. Support the construction of key projects such as Meishan Innovation Valley and Meishan California Smart City. Study and improve the management system and operation mechanism of Tianfu New District.

      Strengthen the “trunk” of Chengdu to lead the action of radiation belts and build a regional development community at a high level. Supporting the development of Chengdu to the east, driving the rise of neighboring cities such as Ziyang, Suining and Neijiang. Promote the sharing and sharing of channels, industries, platforms and services. Establish an industrial interaction model of “R&D design in Chengdu, conversion production in other cities (states)”. Collaborate on industrial chain formation and cluster investment. Enhance the construction level of cooperative parks in Chengdu and Deyang, Liangshan, Guang'an, Ya'an, Aba and Ganzi. Advance high-quality resources such as education, science and technology, and medical care in Chengdu to other cities (states). Support Chengdu and other cities (states) multi-form, diversified, multi-field cooperation and development.

      3. Strengthen the important fulcrum of regional development.

      The modern economic concentrated development zone with the integration of Chengdu's economic circle and Chengdu's organic integration and integrated development will drive the development of other economic zones. We will upgrade the energy levels of the cities in Chengdu's economic circle and accelerate the development of Chengdu Plain urban agglomerations with Mianyang, Deyang and Leshan as regional central cities. Support Mianyang to build China (Mianyang) Science and Technology City. Support Deyang to build a world-class major equipment manufacturing base.

      Support Leshan to build an important tourist destination in the world. Support Meishan to build a model city for the opening and development of the Chengdu Economic Circle. Support Suining Construction and Chengdu to develop a strong green economy. Support Ziyang to build a hub-and-spoke emerging city in Chengdu. Support Ya'an to build a green development demonstration city. Advance the breakthrough of Chengde, Chengmei, and Chengcheng. Develop and implement the Chengdu Plain Rail Transit Planning and accelerate the construction of inter-regional railway bus operation network.

      The South Sichuan Economic Zone is an important gateway for the opening of the south and the regional economic center of the Sichuan-Chongqing Ministry. Accelerate the development of the port-based economy and the channel economy, and strengthen the advantages of industry, transportation, education, and medical care to create the second economic growth pole of the province. Focusing on accelerating the development of integration, we will cultivate and expand the southern Sichuan urban agglomeration with Yibin and Zhangzhou as regional central cities. Support Yibin to build a regional center city and a national comprehensive transportation hub in the upper reaches of the Yangtze River. Support the construction of the regional center city of Chuan-Yu and the southern central city of Chengdu-Chongqing Economic Zone. Support Neijiang Construction Chengyu Development Spindle Important Node City and Chengdu-Chongqing Megacity Functional Support Service Center. Support Zigong to build a national transformation and upgrading demonstration zone for old industrial cities and a national cultural export base. Introduce guiding opinions on the development of integration in southern Sichuan, and promote breakthroughs in the fields of transportation, communication, education, medical care, household registration, social security, and talents.

      The northeastern Sichuan Economic Zone is built from the east to the north to the Chuanchuan Comprehensive Transportation Hub and the Sichuan-Gansu-Shanxi-Guangdong Regional Economic Center. Focusing on accelerating the transformation and revitalization, we will cultivate and build a northeastern Sichuan urban agglomeration with Nanchong and Dazhou as regional central cities. Support Nanchong to build a central city and an important transportation hub in the north of Chengdu-Chongqing Economic Zone. Support Dazhou construction to the northbound integrated transportation hub and the regional central city of the Sichuan-Baoshan-Shanxi joint. Support Guang'an to build a model city for cooperation between Sichuan and Chongqing. Support Guangyuan to build a regional central city in the Sichuan-Shanxi-Gansu joint zone and a northbound eastbound bridgehead. Support Pakistan and China to build a demonstration city for the revitalization of the old Sichuan-Shaanxi revolutionary area. Deepen the comprehensive reform experiment of the old revolutionary area of Sichuan and Shaanxi. Promote economic cooperation in the Jialing River Basin and build a demonstration zone for national ecological civilization in the Jialing River Basin.

      The Panxi Economic Zone is concentrated in Panzhihua and Anning River Valley areas, focusing on promoting industrial transformation and upgrading, building a national strategic resource innovation development pilot zone, a modern agricultural demonstration base and an international sunshine health tourism destination. Promote the integration of the development of agricultural and cultural brigades along the Anning River Basin and the Jinsha River, and build a sunny ecological economic corridor. Optimize the urban layout system and form. Support Liangshan Prefecture to establish a national synchronized comprehensive well-off model state and national unity and progress demonstration state. Support Panzhihua to build a central city in southwestern Sichuan, northwestern Yunnan and open to the south.

      The ecological demonstration zone in northwest Sichuan and the Liangshan area in the southwest highlight the ecological functions, focus on promoting poverty alleviation, developing ecological economy, and promoting the development of green industries such as global tourism, characteristic agriculture and animal husbandry, clean energy and national crafts. Implement the main functional area positioning, improve and implement the ecological compensation mechanism. The Northwest Sichuan Ecological Demonstration Zone will build an international eco-cultural tourism destination, a national-level clean energy base, and a modern plateau-specific agricultural and animal husbandry base. Support Ganzi and Aba to build a national tourism demonstration zone, a national ecological construction demonstration zone, and a national model demonstration of national unity and progress. Promote the Zoige grassland wetland ecological function zone, the “China's most beautiful plateau wetland” with the focus on the stone channel, and the construction of the Sichuan-Yunnan forest and biodiversity ecological function zone. Strengthen the comprehensive management of the key areas of the “Three Rivers and One River” and ecologically vulnerable areas.

      Strengthen the leadership of the development organization of “one branch, one branch and five districts”. The Provincial Leading Group for Promoting Regional Collaborative Development will be established to establish a joint conference system for coordinated development in different regions, and the provincial leaders will be responsible for strategic research, overall planning, policy formulation, overall coordination, supervision and inspection, and guidance and promotion of important cooperation projects in the region. Formulate and implement regional coordinated development plans and annual action plans. Formulate guidelines for regional coordinated development, revise and improve relevant plans, and develop differentiated support policies in different regions. Improve the regional synergy-sharing mechanism, promote market-oriented project cooperation, and determine the economic output allocation method for cross-regional cooperation projects.

      4. Highlight key points to promote open cooperation across the globe.

      Actively integrate into the construction of the “Belt and Road” and the development of the Yangtze River Economic Belt. Highlight the southward direction, expand the emerging big market, and strengthen open cooperation with Guangdong, Hong Kong, Macao and Dawan District, Beibu Gulf Economic Zone, South Asia and Southeast Asia. Formulate the implementation of the smooth southward channel to deepen the southward open cooperation. It will unblock the southbound comprehensive transportation corridor and upgrade the capacity of the land and sea railway passages to the Beibu Gulf Port, Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macau. Docking the new cooperation mechanism between the countries and innovating the "Chenggui New" and "Chenggui Port" land and sea transport mode. Actively participate in the China-ASEAN framework cooperation and the construction of China-Indochina Peninsula, Bangladesh-China-India-Burma, China-Pakistan and other international economic corridors. Planning and construction of the ASEAN Industrial Park. Relying on the province's colleges and universities to build a study base for international students, support Zhangzhou and Yibin to actively develop higher education and medical and health services, and create conditions to expand the number of international students enrolled in South Asia and Southeast Asia. Establish a southward open investment platform, with a focus on supporting channel construction, economic and trade cooperation, capacity cooperation, and cooperation between the arts and tourism.

      Promote the eastward direction, dock the advanced productive forces, and actively undertake the transfer of industries in the eastern coastal areas and the United States, Japan and South Korea. Expand cooperation with the middle reaches of the Yangtze River, the Yangtze River Delta, Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei and surrounding areas, and strengthen coordination and misalignment with the Yangtze River provinces and cities. Deepen the westward direction, expand the northward direction, enhance the operational efficiency and service level of the China-European Banlie (Rongo Express Rail), promote high-end cooperation with Europe, and actively participate in the construction of the China-Russia-Mongolia economic corridor.

      We will implement the Action Plan for deepening the cooperation between Sichuan and Chongqing to promote the development of the Yangtze River Economic Belt and 12 special cooperation agreements, expand the scope of the Sichuan-Chongqing Cooperation Demonstration Zone, and build a demonstration zone for industrial clusters in the central part of Chengdu. Strengthen the strategic cooperation between Sichuan and Guangxi and plan to build the Sichuan-Guizhou Cooperative Industrial Park. Deepen the cooperation between Sichuan and Chongqing, Sichuan and Chongqing, and build a comprehensive poverty alleviation and development pilot zone in the Chishui River Basin. Implement the strategic cooperation agreement between Sichuan and Zhejiang, Sichuan and Guangdong. Consolidate and expand the results of the Sichuan-Hong Kong Cooperation Conference and build a cluster of modern service industries in Sichuan and Hong Kong. Deepen the exchanges and cooperation between Sichuan and Taiwan, and promote the development of Chengdu Industrial Park, Deyang Industrial Park and Meishan Industrial Park in the industrial cooperation zones across the Taiwan Straits. Do a good job in major exhibitions and investment promotion activities.

      Formulate implementation opinions for the development of the Midwest investment. Introduce incentives for opening up to the outside world, and incorporate open development work into the performance evaluation of cadres.

      5. High-level construction of the China (Sichuan) Free Trade Zone.

      Formulate guidance for promoting the construction of leading projects in the Pilot Free Trade Zone. The Sichuan Free Trade Zone Regulations were introduced. Implement the strategic positioning of “four districts and one highland” and 159 reform tasks. Promote the coordinated reform of “3 District+N Park”, build a pioneering zone for coordinated reform, and support the pioneering zone to take the lead in undertaking economic management authority and enjoying institutional reforms. Accelerate the replication and promotion of successful experience in the innovation of the pilot zone. Explore the construction of an inland free trade port. Launched a global campaign of “Charming and Free Trade·Opening Sichuan”.

      Actively strive for the country to establish more open ports in Sichuan. Promote the construction of national open ports such as Chengdu International Railway Port, Yibin Port, Zhangzhou Port and Tianfu International Airport, and Jiuzhai Huanglong Airport. Support airports in Xichang, Mianyang, Yibin, Zhangzhou, Nanchong, Dazhou and Guangyuan to be rebuilt (expanded and relocated) in accordance with national open port standards. Support Chengdu and Deyang to build an international railway logistics port and create a national open port. Actively strive to set up special customs supervision areas and places, and support Chengdu, Mianyang, Deyang, Yibin, Zhangzhou, Ziyang, Neijiang, Zigong, Nanchong, Dazhou, Meishan and other new comprehensive bonded areas, bonded logistics centers (type B), and expand Chengdu high-tech comprehensive Bonded area function.

      6. Develop a higher level open economy.

      Accelerate the construction of a strong trade province. Promote a larger-scale Sichuan cargo export, establish a Sichuan goods exhibition and sales center in key countries and regions, and create a cross-border e-commerce service platform. Implement foreign trade superiority and superior projects, and expand the export of advantageous products. Deepen the pilot of innovation and development of service trade in Chengdu. Create cultural cards for foreign exchanges and vigorously develop cultural trade.

      Full implementation of the pre-entry national treatment plus negative list management system. Standards and time limits for the application of business licenses and qualifications for domestic and foreign-funded enterprises. We will promote the orderly opening of the service sectors of finance, education, culture, and medical services, and liberalize restrictions on foreign investment in architectural design, accounting and auditing, and e-commerce. We will promote the construction of China-Germany, China-France, China-Italy, China-Korea, Xinchuan and other national cooperation parks and China-Europe Centers, and explore the creation of “two-country parks” and “multi-country and multi-parks”. Support the city where the Pilot Free Trade Zone is located and the city of Chengdu Economic Circle to declare a 144-hour visa on arrival. Construction of an international capacity cooperation demonstration province.

      7. Break through the bottleneck of high-speed rail to build a modern comprehensive transportation system.

      Fully open the high-speed rail to enter and exit the Sichuan Channel, the high-speed railway built and built in 5 years will reach more than 2,300 kilometers. Accelerate the newly built Nanda 350km/h high-speed railway, and simultaneously promote the construction of Xi'an via Dazhou and Guang'an to Chongqing high-speed railway, forming Chengdu from Dazhou to Wanzhou to Wuhan to the Yangtze River Delta, and from Chengdu to Dazhou to Wanzhou to Zhengzhou to Beijing, through Dazhou to Xi'an The main route to the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei high-speed railway. Accelerate the construction of a high speed railway of 350 kilometers per hour, and open a high-speed railway connecting Chengdu, Guibin and Guiyang to the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao-Aowan area, connecting the Guinan high-speed railway to the Beibu Gulf Economic Zone, and simultaneously promoting the construction of the Kunming high-speed railway. Formed a large-scale highway connecting Chengdu to Kunming. Accelerate the construction of key railways from Chengdu to Guiyang, Chuanan Intercity, and Chengdu to Lanzhou (Huangshengguan). Accelerate the preliminary work of railways from Chengdu to Xining, Panzhihua to Dali, Hanbanan, Mianyu, and Sichuan-Tibet Railway Ya'an to Kangding (Xinduqiao).

      Smooth access to the railway freight transport. Accelerate the construction of high-speed railways and implement the expansion of existing lines, and replace some of the lower-class passenger and freight lines with high-grade freight lanes. Accelerate the expansion of the Longchang-Syyong Railway expansion project, and jointly promote the construction of the Yellow Barrel to Baise Railway, and open up the cargo transportation route to the Beibu Gulf. Accelerate the expansion of the Chengdu-Kunming Railway, and smoothly pass Chengdu to the center of Panzhong, connecting the Bangladesh-China-India-Burma and China-Inland Peninsula freight transport channels. The expansion of the Guangyuan-Bazhong Railway expansion and the preliminary research work of the Zhangzhou-Zunyi Railway were initiated. Innovate the investment and financing mode of railway construction and set up special funds for railway construction (funds).

      We will fully promote the construction of an international aviation hub, accelerate the construction of Tianfu International Airport, and build an international hub airport and a west-to-south gateway hub airport in the western region. Promote the "two-in-one" operation of Tianfu International Airport and Shuangliu International Airport, and build a strategic channel for international air passenger and freight transportation. Expand the international route network and expand the intercontinental 10-hour voyage circle and the Asian 5-hour voyage circle. Improve inter-provincial route network and domestic large and medium-sized city trunk line network, speed up the construction of general airport, improve the intra-provincial regional airport network, and support direct flights between airports in the province.

      Accelerate the improvement of the expressway network, focusing on the construction of highways from Chengdu to Yibin, Yibin to Panzhihua, Leshan to Xichang, Xichang to Yunnan Zhaotong, Malkang to Qinghai, and Mianyang to Gansu Weinan. Coordinate the promotion of the expressway construction from Dazhou to Wanzhou. Accelerate the expansion of highways from Chengdu to Chongqing, Mianyang, Leshan, Nanchong and Guangyuan. Accelerate the construction of inter-city passages and urban transit sections of urban agglomerations, upgrade the hierarchical structure of road networks in ordinary countries and provinces, and build high-quality ordinary trunk road networks. The “four good rural roads” network with wide coverage will be built.

      Accelerate the implementation of the inland waterway expansion project, promote the shoal remediation of the Yangtze River golden waterway in the Sichuan section and the comprehensive development of the aeronautical power of the Minjiang River. Coordinated the construction of Jialingjiang Lize Navigation and Hydropower Hub. Promote the coordinated development of Guang'an Port, Nanchong Port, Guangyuan Port and Chongqing Cuntan Bonded Port Area. Integrate port resources in Zhangzhou, Yibin, Leshan and other places to build a shipping center in the upper reaches of the Yangtze River (Sichuan). Support the construction of the southwest (Zigong) dry port. Support Chengdu Railway Bureau to build Wanzhou Iron and Water Intermodal Port, support Dazhou to build Qinba regional integrated logistics hub, and open a new channel for cargo transportation from Dazhou to Wanzhou Port to enter the Yangtze River.

      Strengthen the function of Chengdu's international comprehensive transportation hub, and build a comprehensive transportation hub of Chuanzhou-Yibin, Dazhou, Panzhihua and Guangyuan. Coordinate the planning of railways, aviation, highways and waterways, coordinate the construction of trunk lines and feeder lines, coordinate the development of passenger and freight transport, vigorously develop multimodal transport, optimize the transport structure, promote logistics cost reduction and efficiency, and promote the integration of integrated transport services.

      8. Promote key breakthroughs in rural revitalization.

      We will deepen the structural reform of the supply side of agriculture, promote the integration and development of the rural first, second and third industries, and accelerate the leap of agricultural provinces to strong agricultural provinces. We will formulate a strategic plan for rural revitalization in the province, carry out pilot projects for county rural revitalization planning, and establish a multi-regulation and rural revitalization planning mechanism. We will develop a supporting agricultural policy with distinctive characteristics and cultivate the characteristic industry of “Chuanzihao”. Develop pilot industries such as modern seed industry, intelligent agricultural machinery and equipment manufacturing, and drying cold chain logistics, and strive to build a national core breeding base. A number of modern agricultural industrial parks, agricultural product processing parks, and agricultural science and technology demonstration parks will be built at a high level. Founded China Tianfu Agricultural Expo Park. We will maintain the red line of cultivated land protection, build high-standard basic farmland, and stabilize the comprehensive production capacity of grain. We will improve the “five horizontal and six vertical” water diversion and water supply networks, promote water conservancy and large-scale improvement actions, and build a water safety system that is efficient and efficient.

      Cultivate the main body of new agricultural operations and implement the leading enterprise of agricultural industrialization leading enterprises. We will strengthen the primary processing of raw areas and intensive processing of agricultural products, and give priority to the development of billion-dollar industries such as famous white wine, meat food, grain and oil, textile and garment, tobacco, tea, and Chinese herbal medicine. Implement the agricultural branding strategy and promote the demonstration of “three products and one standard” for agricultural products. High quality to create "Chinese Liquor Golden Triangle", promote the revitalization of Sichuan wine, enhance the "six golden flowers" brand recognition and influence. Expand the quality and safety of provincial agricultural products

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