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      Xi Jinping: Little Story, Da Li

      Xi Jinping: Little Story, Da Li

      release time:2018-11-14 17: 10


      Being good at telling stories is a common feature of famous politicians and thinkers both at home and abroad, and it is also the extraordinary skill of the leaders of the Communist Party of China. General Secretary Xi Jinping is a good storyteller. Whether it is a conference speech, research talks, or a speech, newspaper articles, he is good at using stories to impress people, persuade people, reveal people and guide people. These stories are not only full of sensual beauty, but also have rational beauty, more spiritual power, and are filled with "Chinese wisdom" and "Chinese style", which profoundly demonstrates the practical wisdom and leadership style of "the first speaker of the Chinese story."

      Perceptual power

      Sensibility is beautiful and moving, lively and full of life. The "Chinese story" told by General Secretary Xi Jinping is lively and full of life. It is beautiful and moving, allowing people to understand the profound truth through vivid stories.

      When he was in charge of Zhejiang, Xi Jinping cited the "barrel theory" in economics to illustrate the need to integrate shortcomings and coordinated development into the practice of reform and development. He said that the water capacity of a wooden barrel does not depend on the longest board in the barrel, but on the shortest board. By the same token, a place needs to develop well. A country needs to develop well, not only depending on the developed regions, but also on the underdeveloped regions. This way of telling and explaining the big problems in political and economic life with the simplest little stories can be described as easy-to-understand, elegant and popular.

      If we say that the importance of coordinated development is profoundly explained by the "barrel theory", then in an exclusive interview with Russian TV station in February 2014, he further elaborated the coordinated development with the "10 fingers to play the piano" as a metaphor. Connotation. In addition, during the period of Zhejiang, when discussing development issues, Xi Jinping also borrowed the “sweet potato theory” to describe the phenomenon of “jumping out of Zhejiang to develop Zhejiang”. In order to extract more sunlight, rain and nutrients, the tuber of sweet potato is always at the root, but the vines extend in all directions. People naturally understand that resources should be allocated in a wider area with a wider field of view. The space to achieve greater development.

      In addition to using sensible things such as wooden barrels, sweet potatoes, and pianos to illustrate the philosophy of development, the numbers in the stories told by Xi Jinping are also full of emotional power. For example, when talking about inspirational stories, he said that when he was in the north of Shaanxi, he heard that an educated youth had the book "Faust", and he took a 30-mile road to borrow books. Later, the educated youth walked another 30 miles. The story of the road to pick up the book. It should be said that this "30-year borrowing of books, 30-year discussion of books" is a very vivid illustration of the power of literature and art. When guiding the whole party to reflect the style of good style and reflect the true ability and true level, he wrote that the inscription on Comrade Mao Zedong’s monument to the People’s Heroes was only 114 words, but it reflected a modern Chinese history. In 1975, Comrade Deng Xiaoping was responsible for drafting the report of Premier Zhou Enlai at a meeting of the Fourth National People's Congress, using only 5,000 words. In fact, Xi Jinping cited the 114-word inscription and the 5,000-word report as an example to illustrate that a good article can be both short and succinct, and rich in content. It can be said that these stories are sensuous and moving, both in terms of numbers, objects, and language. It not only shows the sensual beauty of the "Chinese story", but also highlights the sensual charm of General Secretary Xi Jinping's thoughts.

      Rational power

      Rationality is profound and insightful than sensual beauty, moving and joy. It needs to express its own reality and strength with history, concept, thinking and logic, that is, to persuade people with profound reason. The "Chinese story" told by General Secretary Xi Jinping is not only lively, full of life, but also historical, profound and logical.

      At the opening ceremony of the China Federation of Literary and Art Circle and the 9th National Congress of the Chinese Writers Association, he quoted Lu Yao’s motto “Working like a cow, giving as much as the land”, guiding literary creation and sending Chinese language power. He said that literary and artistic creation is a hard and creative work, and it is not allowed to be false. Those literary and fine works that are screaming, spread, and preserved are all far from impetuous, not utilitarian, and they are all painstakingly created. The ancient Chinese said: "An ordinary word, a few stems must be cut off." "Two sentences for three years, a pair of tears." Throughout the ages, the literary giant system is not a crystallization of thick accumulation, literary charm is not an internal manifestation. It can be said that all the literary and artistic arts and crafts of the German art and the art have a heart and soul.

      In September 2013, during the 8th summit of the leaders of the G20, when meeting with German Chancellor Angela Merkel, he used the "Three New Laws of Newtonian Mechanics" to explain the general direction, new opportunities and new problems of Sino-German relations. . He said that Ms. Prime Minister is a Ph.D. in physics. I am convinced by the "Three New Laws of Newtonian Mechanics" how to better promote the development of Sino-German relations. First, firmly grasp the "inertia" of Sino-German cooperation. The second is to enhance the "acceleration" of Sino-German relations by deepening pragmatic cooperation. The third is to reduce the "reaction force" of the development of bilateral relations. Considering that Merkel is a Ph.D. in physics, he has been a researcher before politics. Here, using Newtonian mechanics as a metaphor, it is not only a reasonable play of Western culture, but also a respect for Merkel’s education. The recognition and understanding of the healthy development of Sino-German relations.

      At the 17th Academician Conference of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and the 12th Academician Conference of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, Xi Jinping was questioning why Chinese technology was outdated. In 1708, the Qing government organized missionaries to draw a map of China, and then spent 10 years drawing The unprecedented "History of the Emperor" of the scientific level is at the forefront of the world. However, such an important achievement has long been used as a secret collection of the internal government, which is invisible in society and has no effect on economic and social development. The story of Xi Jinping's "The Emperor's Overview Map" is to guide people to agree with the truth that science and technology must be combined with social development, learn more, and be a high-spirited, just a kind of singularity, just an yaxing, even as a It is impossible to have a role in the real society. At the same time, it also reflects that General Secretary Xi Jinping not only read the history books, but also knows the history of China, and is good at thinking. He can sum up the thinking quality and practical wisdom of the country's rise and fall.

      Spiritual power

      If sensibility reflects the objective reality of things and rationality shows the inherent stipulations of things, then spirituality reflects the inner spiritual support and value of things. With spirituality, individual growth and self-realization have the value and belief.

      When leading Ningde out of poverty, Xi Jinping once said that Marx wrote "Capital" in the most poverty-stricken period of his life. In a letter to Engels in February 1852, he wrote: "I have reached a very happy pace in a week: because the coat has entered the pawn shop, I can't go out again, because I can't let the money, I can't eat meat again. Even so, Marx did not yield and did not stop working. Here, Xi Jinping tells the story of the Communists' spiritual teachers being poor and Zhijian. It is precisely to inspire and guide the broad masses of party members and cadres to strengthen their ideals and convictions and maintain a high morality. Listening to this story, people can not only taste the taste of the faith that the story itself overflows, but also deeply appreciate the fascination and pursuit of the storyteller.

      When he visited the United States and recalled the changes in Liangjiahe, he said that at that time, my family and I lived in the earthen kiln and slept on the bandits. The villagers lived in poverty and often could not eat a piece of meat for several months. I understand what the folks need most! Later, I became the party branch secretary of the village and led the villagers to develop production. I understand what the people need. One thing I am looking forward to is to let the folks have a meal and eat meat regularly. It should be said that as a leader of a big country, standing in the center of the world stage to explain China to the world is not a description of a grand scene, but a village that is most meaningful to him. Such a choice not only allows the world to perceive the development and changes of China reflected by the changes in the past and the present of Liangjiahe, but also realizes his unchanging "initial heart."

      In short, no matter whether it is “the most memorable is Hangzhou”, China’s “not to build its own back garden, but to build a hundred gardens shared by all countries” is a new mechanism and new initiative. Narrative, or "Where is the time to go", "savage", and "APEC Blue" "card house" and other flexible use of the new vocabulary, behind each hot word is a vivid "Chinese story." It not only shows the power of General Secretary Xi Jinping's thoughts, but also enables people to deeply feel the spiritual wisdom and style of the "Chinese story."

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